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SoCal Collectible Coin Shop

Using Coins to Teach History History is an essential part of our education system. It teaches students more about the world and helps them understand what has come before them. Sometimes it is difficult to communicate the fullness of specific events because our society has changed so drastically, making museums and places preserving history profoundly […]

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Error Minted Coin

An Error Minted Coin Is A Real Find When we make mistakes with our money, it’s usually bad for us. When the mint makes mistakes with our money, it can be wonderful for us. An example of an error minted coin with a mechanical error would be one that did not eject properly and got […]

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Values of Coops Coins
For over 80 years Coops Coins has been dedicated to offering and purchasing some of the best American and Foreign Coins, Paper Money, Stamps and Bullion. If you are are a collector that is looking to expand their collection or want to make room for new pieces, Coops Coins is a one-stop shop. But more [...]
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Earn Merit Badges at Coops Coins
Earn Merit Badges! Calling all Scouts! Now that summer is here, it may be the perfect time to work on some merit badges. Specifically, we were thinking of the Coin Collecting, Stamp Collecting and Collections merit badges. Each of these merit badges holds a special place in our heart because these merit badges can start [...]
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Local history now on rotating exhibit at Coops Coins in Redlands
At Coops Coins, Redlanders and tourists are now able to view an exhibit of collectibles significant to our town's history. The owners have a vast personal collection of historic Redlands memorabilia, and will rotate out what’s featured regularly. “There’s no shortage of items we can put on display,” said co-owner Lauren Briggs. Collectibles include a [...]
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Five Reasons the TV Coin Guy Can't Compare to Brick-and-Mortar

Online and TV ads are saying exactly what you want to hear: The coin you thought might be valuable is worth a fortune. Maybe it is. But the best way to find out is by walking it into a local shop and talking face-face with an expert. 1. You are not their priority People are […]

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