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October 17, 2018
SoCal Collectible Coin Shop

Using Coins to Teach History

History is an essential part of our education system. It teaches students more about the world and helps them understand what has come before them. Sometimes it is difficult to communicate the fullness of specific events because our society has changed so drastically, making museums and places preserving history profoundly important. Maybe you've never thought of it like this before, but every coin in your junk drawer, sock drawer, piggy bank, "to-travel" jar, or elsewhere is a piece of history. Holding history, connecting on a kinesthetic level, is one of the best tools for students or history buffs to appreciate the history they are learning. All we can count on is change; we believe that coins are, and will continue, to be one of the best ways to see and hold onto a piece of history. We invite you to come into our SoCal Collectible Coin Shop to see more.

Made to Last

The interesting thing about coins as historical items is that they are made to last. Being made with metal instead of more delicate materials allows them to withstand the test of time. Coins are among the most commonly found archaeological items. They also have always held value, so there is a higher chance that stores of them would be secretly hidden away, inadvertently preserving bits of history.

Facts on the Faces

Because of their durability, it is often easy to recognize the coin and when it was made. We can usually find interesting facts on the faces of the coin helping us to understand the economic and political climate of the time better. The British Museum says this about coins: “Their designs and inscriptions are an unrivaled source of detailed information about political history, religion and culture. Their role as the main form of money over the past 2,000 years means they can tell us about economies for which we have little or no written evidence.”

If you would like to see these small pieces of history for yourself, you have only to come into Briggs & Coops, a SoCal Collectible Coin Shop. We carry coins from around the world as well as various other historical items that speak of power coups, hidden secrets, and incredible stories. Come in and see for yourself!

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